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Pokemon Ranger/ Pokemon WiiWare/ Zoroark

I’ve heard some big news already about a third installment to the Pokemon Ranger series (Under the name “Tracks of light.”) and two new pairs of pokemon. First, lets go over the new pair of pokemon.

Zoroa and its evolved form, Zoroark, are two dark type pokemon that, while they are guaranteed to NOT appear in HeartGold/SoulSilver, they will very likely appear in a new pokemon title in a new region. The two will also highlight in the movie Phantom Champion Zoroark. They have some seriously slick designs that you should check out.

Regarding the third ranger game, it appears to really make some big additions to the already great formula. The series starting point game was fine, but not great. The second was excellent, and this third addition seems to take things to a new level. There is a multiplayer (First time for a ranger game) that’s somewhat like New Super Mario Bros. Wii in which everyone moves and acts in real time, even when your befriending pokemon! Your friends can help and hinder you along the way, but in the end, everyone needs to work together to get some awesome goodies for the single player quest. (And vice versa.)

As per the series, Wi-fi will be offered for downloadable missions. There seems to be more this time around, though. There is only a release date for the Japanese at this point, but I can guarantee you that it will make it to our side.

Also, did you know that three different pokemon versions will be hitting on WiiWare? The three pairs of games are called Pokemon Fire adventure squad/Storm adventure squad/Light adventure squad.

Gameplay is basically the same as the Mystery Dungeon titles, and so is the facilities you can use. (And no, not THAT kind of facilities!) Duskulls Bank returns, Kangaskong is back again to keep stored items safe, kecleon is back to buy/steal stuff from, and other shops will return from past games, too.

A welcome addition is the Pokemon Tower, where one pokemon hops on top of another, making attacks stronger. I can imagine some awesome tricks gamers will try with this… Just be careful, because enemy pokemon can do this, too.

The title should be around 1000 or more wii points in order to purchase. No N. American Release date for this title yet, either.

If you want to play a new pokemon game right away, then your best bet is Pokemon HeartdGold/SoulSilver. These games are classics, and is coming out, as I write this, in a week.

If you have a Facebook, use this link and join my group. It will take you right to the photo’s first. The group is one that has info on SoulSilver/HeartGold.


I am back! While I have been absent for a long time, I was catching up on a little game called Scribblenauts. So, like, what is it? Well, It’s a game that, by simply typing in the word, it appears in-game. I mean, how cool is THAT!? And like I said on the “Gaming On The Go” section, it works really well. Need to wipe out some police? Type in “grenade” and you’re all set. Wanna go on a ride? No prob. Just type in Motorcycle, Racecar, Hot Air Balloon, WHATEVER you can think up for a lift!

Thankfully, despite all of the potential game breaking possibilities, the game is challenging. There is no right or wrong in the game.

I also love how there’s thousands of words that are to be discovered. That way, you won’t have to do a level the same way again.

I wish the controls were a bit more precise. It’s a shame for such a brilliant platformer. However, the flaw is not big, and can be worked over.

I’m sure everyone who bought this game is enjoying it, so have fun with the oodles of content!